The Five C’S of Event Management

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services 5C's

The process of planning an event from start to finish may be divided into 5 basic phases, which we have called the 5 Cs.

1. Conceptualisation: This is the first step in event planning. It refers to the main idea of the event. In this phase of event management, there five important questions one should ask:

WHY is the event taking place (is there something in particular you want the audience to get acquainted with)?
WHO are the people involved in this event?
WHEN is the event taking place?
WHERE is the event happening?
WHAT exactly is the event all about?

It will be a colossal event, if these questions are carefully considered while planning an event.

2. Cost: Costing is the preparation of budget for the event, keeping in mind the cost limit set by the clients. It is necessary to know the fund available and the estimated expenses for the event. The budget must include detailed information and cost of each component of the event.

3. Canvassing: It is important to inform the guests ahead of time about the event so they can make out time from their busy schedule to participate in the event. Canvassing in event management also usually involves obtaining sponsorships, raising funds and advertising.

4. Customizing: In customization, great attention is given to the client’s request to deliver an event that matches their requirements. This phase focuses on tastes of clients, client satisfaction and making the necessary changes in the event as per the requirements of the client.

5. Carrying out: This phase involves the execution of the entire plan. It brings all planning into action. The plan is revised and evaluated with respect to client requirements, budget limit and external conditions before the plan is executed.

At T & T event planning company, we have the creative prowess and expertise to deliver a unique ceremony to match your requirements and to give your event the wow effect you desire.

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