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T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Virtual Wedding

Virtual wedding. Should you have one? A GUIDE!

“The world has turned into a digital space” is a line you hear most often. “Thanks” to the pandemic that made it more of a reality. We have come to embrace not so warmly, the concept of Virtual Wedding in the Industry. Just as planning a conventional wedding comes with a whole lot of tasks,...

Wedding Dos and Donts

Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Aha! You can’t wait for this whole pandemic to come to an end so you could have the wedding of your dreams. Fantastic as it is, you don’t want to mess things up. It’s your big day after all. Here is a list of our Top Don’ts and Do’s you should know beforehand. Avoid all...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Costs

Managing the Cost of Your Next Event

People generally are very much keen about class when conceptualizing an event; whether simple or exotic. We all want an event that is top-notch and classy with a distinct taste of everything; from venue to decoration even food and how it is served. The desirable class comes with a price. However, the good news is...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Goal

Your Pleasure is our Goal

Event management thrives amidst a lot of technical difficulties and disappointments. Sometimes some clients canceled at the last minute. However, the pastime of an event manager is the end result; that is seeing people enjoying themselves, connecting and sharing amazing experiences. The beautiful smiles on the faces of the people attending the event, the excitement...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Red Carpet Event

How to Throw a Red Carpet Event

A red carpet event is usually thought of as a formal occasion featuring celebrities, famous sports heroes, fashion models, politicians or leaders of states. Examples of red carpet events that we know include the Oscars, movie premiers, sporting awards ceremonies, the Emmys, and Grammys. Customarily, the red carpet is only rolled out for distinguished visitors...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Interior

Interior Design Themes for Events

Thematic interior design inspirations are quite rare to come by. Particularly with the hustling and bustling that comes with the day. Here are different interior design themes that are most inspiring. These can help in deciding the best interior design theme for an event venue, for a home or a corporate building. 1. Mid Century...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Event

Important Details of an Event

There are very important details that should be managed meticulously in planning an event. These details are: Venue: The venue should be easy to locate. As much as the aesthetic adornment of the venue is important, easy accessibility should be given top priority in planning. People want what is good and want it easy too....

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services colors


The splendour of colours remain concealed until they are properly used or dexterously combined. Blending or combining colours is a big deal; it affects perception. The uniqueness of an event can be notice quickly by a skilful use of colours, so every event requires a distinct and proper blend of colours. Colours can incite avid...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services unique Venue

Unique Venues to Consider for an Amazing Wedding

One of the most important parts of any wedding is it’s venue. You have to be meticulous when considering venue options for your event. Here are some unique venues to make your big day amazing. Restaurant Celebrate your wedding reception at your favorite restaurant. It’s a great location for food lovers and a restaurant offers a...