How to Throw a Red Carpet Event

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A red carpet event is usually thought of as a formal occasion featuring celebrities, famous sports heroes, fashion models, politicians or leaders of states. Examples of red carpet events that we know include the Oscars, movie premiers, sporting awards ceremonies, the Emmys, and Grammys. Customarily, the red carpet is only rolled out for distinguished visitors to walk on when they first arrive at a high-class event. However, anyone can create a red carpet-themed event today. All it takes is good planning and some helpful tips:

The Invitation
The guest list is often limited by budget and venue. A red carpet can be a three hundred person ballroom or a graduation party with less than fifty persons in an open space behind the house. However, one must first decide whether to send an invitation by email or regular postal service or simply make a few phone calls. A proper invitation should always include the start time, location, and special dress code and if it involves lunch or dinner or just a light snack.

The Dress Code
Red carpet events usually focus on fashion. One can make it a black-tie event, with men expected to arrive in tuxedos and women in sparkly high-end gowns. Or one can request guests to come dressed as their favorite celebrity. The dress code is very important because of the photos; which will stream for a long time on social media.

The Red Carpet
Naturally, a red carpet event needs an actual red carpet! The red carpet should be as long as possible for the guests to strut down the length of it in style. Roll the carpet out as far as it will reach from the entry to the event entrance.

Step and Repeat Banner
Step and Repeat banner is that eye-catching backdrop with slogans or logos. It is the place where celebrities stand to take photos. The purpose of a step and repeat is to capture beautiful moments of guests with sponsor logos behind them. Step and Repeat backdrops come in all sizes, colors, and layouts.

Red Carpet Decoration
The aim is to create a fun atmosphere; so one can animate the space with star-shaped helium balloons, with lots of gold accents such as metallic ribbons and streamers.

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