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We celebrate people on their birthdays, however, we also can celebrate them on other special days like Valentine’s day. We do this by sending special gifts to show them how much they mean to us. Some people go the extra to make such special day even more memorable. One could make it a special moment to pop the question; “will you marry me?” Yes! For some folks proposing is a big deal. So they want to plan and organise it perfectly. Here are a few tips to making your Proposal amazing:

1. Proposal site: Select sites to specifically suit the proposal flow. Not too busy to interrupt the process yet not too quiet to become spooky. A scenery that speaks beauty and natural essense. Sometimes, the best marriage proposals require one to go to great length to convey one’s heart.

2. Proposal attendees: The best set of persons to be around on this important day are friends and family. Friends will naturally put smiles in the air with  the “awwww” s and “ahhhh” all over. More so, they propel boldness and positivity.

3. Proposal icon: This is the centre of it all. Yes! the icon is the ring but how it is presented is necessary, you know. It could be in a cake, with a flower, on a pet, with a kid, in a plate and so on. What’s important here is to be creative and innovative but whichever way you choose, be dynamic.

4. Proposal photos: Photos and videos keep memories for long long times. They help us cherish moment we love and relive them in our hearts. This day is one to be cherished, kept and savoured for as long as possible. Consider the shots and who takes them.

Gladly, this of course is special day. All has to go right as planned; the right song, the right place, the right lighting, and of course, the right answer.

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