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Flowers are an integral part of decoration and Event Planning. Flowers epitomise life, luxury, elegance and emotion. They brighten the senses and the soul and bring a certain elegance and distinction that every event needs. Our choice of flowers for an event should synchronise with the theme and purpose of the event. Here are some types of flowers and how they are used:

1. The Sweet Peas: This flower is used in bouquets; in floral arrangements. It comes in a variety of colors which includes pink, purple, white, lavender, red, and apricot and it has a sweet orange-jasmine-honey scent that lightens up a room. It is mostly found in Italy.

2. The Roses: Rose has over a hundred species and thousands of cultivars. Roses are used mainly to create a blooming bouquet that can be instantly stunning in the floral business. Most species of roses are found in Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe.

3. Tulips: Tulips are classic and staple of the spring season. they give off a scent that sets the the occasion just right. Tulips come in red, yellow, or white, they also come in many different shades of purple, blue and pink as well. Each flower comes on a long green stem with a tapered head; their lazy, leaning stature only adds to their beauty.

4. Forsythia blooms: This is traditionally used as a filler. Forsythia has become a prominent flower in contemporary floral designs. Each of these blooming branches is great to add to any event or floral design

5. Ranhnculus Asiaticus: This is one among over five hundred species of the Ranhnculus species. It is also a staple of the spring flower season. It has a mildly sweet scent and is a protected plant, good for happy times.

Flowers are an inevitable part of Event Planning. It is important we become conversant with them and know how to use them to create the right atmosphere and theme for our events.

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