Virtual wedding. Should you have one? A GUIDE!

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“The world has turned into a digital space” is a line you hear most often. “Thanks” to the pandemic that made it more of a reality. We have come to embrace not so warmly, the concept of Virtual Wedding in the Industry. Just as planning a conventional wedding comes with a whole lot of tasks, virtual wedding is not to be left out. Here, your stress and tasks are wireless and requires proper planning. From creating the e-vites, choosing a suitable platform, streaming live, working with some vendors, yeah, to a whole lot more. Although it is way budget friendly than the one you know, it takes quite a courage to accept one. We know you’ve made the decision to walk the aisle before the screen, so this is a guide to having the best wedding despite the different means.

Your Guide in a Rundown;

  1. Choosing a Platform
  2. Organizing the Necessary Tech Gear
  3. Planning with Some Vendors
  4. Sending Out Your E-vites
  5. Doing a Test-run and Voila! Getting Married


Choosing a Platform

Your digital platform is just like the normal event venue. You need to choose a platform that will fit in your descriptions. This time you have a limited option of video conferencing platforms; Zoom or Facebook Live. Zoom offers free and paid subscriptions. You can host 100 attendees, get 1GB of MP4 cloud recording with subscribed version of $14.99 per month. Your attendees can set up Speaker View or Gallery View. You can appoint a guest to take screenshots of your guests throughout the ceremony. Your designated speeches and readings can be done virtually as well including your officiant. With Zoom everyone and every detail can be included.

Going Facebook Live for your wedding. Absolutely free! Here you have to invite your guests to a private group and create a private event for them to RSVP to. Facebook can serve as a virtual guest book with guests posting their well wishes in the days and weeks leading to your ceremony. Unlike Zoom, you can’t have the same “face to face” interaction. Though you can get a 3rd party software that can integrate with Facebook and allow multiple people recorded at once.

Organizing the Necessary Tech Gear

You can’t do anything here without Tech. You should have at minimum a laptop, smartphone or tab, camera and a tripod. Knowing how to operate each will be very necessary. Also see to test run to ensure quality and familiarity before your big day.

Planning with some Vendors

Virtual Wedding fits into the smallest budget because most expensive vendors are already ruled out. But then, there are still vendors that are inevitable you can’t do without. Your photographer for one, must be onsite and maintain distancing using long shot wide range cameras.

Your cake vendor is another piece that doesn’t need to fall by the wayside, though you may want to downsize it. You and your partner can still do the ceremonial cake-cutting and nibble on the sweetness all through the quarantine.

If you are unable to set up your tech gear, you should involve your tech guy or seek the help of a Virtual Wedding planner.

You might also plan with a mini decorator to glam up the scene of the ceremony or you can DIY it to your suitable taste. Just order beautiful flowers and other decorative items.

If you want to make it super special, you can involve a delivery vendor to send out your signature drinks for your guests, gift items and other “thank you for coming” souvenir ideas.

Finally, your officiant can either join the two of you in-person (at a distance) or they can lead the ceremony online. Just make sure to get that marriage license signed and mailed in.


Sending Out Your E-Vites

So, you’ve figured out how to switch gears to get your big day all teched out, but now you need to let your guests know. Inform your guests by saving time, energy and staying topnotch. Include in your invitation “when and where” to join you. Don’t forget to add your meeting link for your platform. Since this is a little out of the normal, you can include instructions for your guests on how to turn on their video. Remind them to look all glam as you’ll be screenshotting their gorgeous faces.


Doing a Test-run and Voila! Getting Married

After you’ve set up everything, it is pertinent to test run like it’s your wedding day to avoid seeing “stories that touch the heart.” Rehearse whatever action you want to perform beforehand and DON’T FORGET TO PUSH THE RECORD BUTTON. On your big day, look all glam, like you would in the conventional wedding and walk down the aisle. Now, all that’s left to do is say those “I do’s” for your loved ones to attend virtually. Whether you decide to keep things super simple or enhance the experience for your virtual guests by sending care packages, it will still be amazing to celebrate your union with your loved one.

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