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T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Virtual Wedding

Virtual wedding. Should you have one? A GUIDE!

“The world has turned into a digital space” is a line you hear most often. “Thanks” to the pandemic that made it more of a reality. We have come to embrace not so warmly, the concept of Virtual Wedding in the Industry. Just as planning a conventional wedding comes with a whole lot of tasks,...

Wedding Dos and Donts

Wedding Do’s and Don’ts

Aha! You can’t wait for this whole pandemic to come to an end so you could have the wedding of your dreams. Fantastic as it is, you don’t want to mess things up. It’s your big day after all. Here is a list of our Top Don’ts and Do’s you should know beforehand. Avoid all...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services food service

5 popular finger food ideas for your party

A party is never complete without food. Not only does the food keep your event flowing, but it also keeps your guests happy. But you can’t always roll out the heavy meals for every occasion, which is why finger foods are so important. They are small bites, very mobile, do not create a mess and...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Outdoor

Outdoor Wedding “To do’s”

Having your wedding outdoors is one of the best ways to go about it. Especially if it is summer; the warm weather, sunshine, refreshing cocktails, scenic backdrops–we could go on forever, but we’ll stop there. However, if you’re planning to have your wedding on a bright summer day, there are a few things you should...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services success


Hey there! We have put together a quick list of the 5 essential for a successful event; • You! Yes, You! I mean, what is an event if you are not in it? • Food It’s one of the essentials for survival for a reason. Light tasty snacks should keep your event moving and your...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services customer

Customer Experience

We put in a lot of energy and time into planning an event. Most times we focus more on logistics without meticulously taking into account what our clients and their guests are more interested in and how they feel. How our clients and their guests feel is very important. So it is the goal of...

T and T Event Planning- Professional Event Services Costs

Managing the Cost of Your Next Event

People generally are very much keen about class when conceptualizing an event; whether simple or exotic. We all want an event that is top-notch and classy with a distinct taste of everything; from venue to decoration even food and how it is served. The desirable class comes with a price. However, the good news is...