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The year 2020 started with a dip and a bang and so far, it has been downhill right from the word ‘GO’. Earthquakes, political and religious uprisings, you name it. The latest in a series of bad news, is the CORONA virus; a pandemic that is currently sweeping across the globe. Known for its high contagion rate, the virus also known as COVID-19 has led to governments across the globe instituting self-isolation practices and bans on public gatherings. Individuals are advised to stay home in order to reduce the spread of the virus. Most public gatherings are limited to a maximum of 50 persons.

However, Man is a social animal and the need to socialize is essential to his survival and a bedrock of his civilization. That means, like it or not, people are bound to meet in small or large numbers and hold events or meetings.

This post doesn’t support public gatherings, parties, etc, but outlines safety tips to be observed if you plan to go ahead and hold an event.

  1. Ensure you have electronic thermometers at hand. Take the temperature stats of every guest or attendee and make sure you record and report individuals with extra high temperatures.
  2. Have face masks on hand so you can distribute among guests. The virus has been confirmed by W.H.O to be airborne. You do not want to contract the virus when someone next to you coughs or sneezes.
  3. Hand Sanitizers are a must at events or meetings right now. Make sure every guest properly sanitizes their hands and ensure every surface is properly disinfected.
  4. Antiseptic Wipes are also a great substitute for hand sanitizers as they are more versatile and can be used to wipe hands, faces, surfaces etc. Pass around antiseptic wipes before, during and after the event.
  5. Space is extremely important. Ensure there is sufficient spacing in your seating and standing arrangements to cut down the risk of contagion just in case there is an infected person in the gathering.

As mentioned before, this post advocates that you stay home and observe social distancing. However, if you must meet or host an event, take all precautions. Be safe.

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