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We put in a lot of energy and time into planning an event. Most times we focus more on logistics without meticulously taking into account what our clients and their guests are more interested in and how they feel. How our clients and their guests feel is very important. So it is the goal of every event planner to create a unique customer experience when planning an event.

We should understand that there is an ecosystem of customer experiences that start before the main event. It is important that we don’t short circuit our clients’ total experience by planning the event as a one-time customer experience. Events should be integrated into series of customer experiences. Such integration of multiple clients experiences will help create suspense and anticipation before and during an event.

Here are some tips on how to create unique customer experience:

  1. Make Pre-conference videos. Short and precise but meaningful and entertaining.
  2. Make good use of Social media. A You-tube conference page is ideal.
  3. You can start a conference blog months before the time of the conference. This will increase anticipation.
  4. Create a top 10 list of FAQs. This will make participants see the need to attend.
  5. Create “I’m Attending” digital badges. Have your marketing or graphics department create “I’m Attending” digital badges that attendees can post on their blogs, websites or Facebook pages.

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