Gaining Client’s Trust

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Customer trust is a reciprocal behaviour to what they receive (goods or services) from a firm. Trust comes naturally when we understand our clients need, respect them and act on satisfying those needs with the goal of positively exceeding their expectation. Gaining clients’ trust not only give room for loyalty and more patronage, but a confident customer will insist their friends do business with you too. Here are some tips to help build trust customer trust:

1. Communication: Be clear and care. Clear about the service you provide, and genuinely care about the needs of your customers. Look for every opportunity to reach out to them and use it. But remember to stay professional.

2. Consistency: There’s nothing more satisfying than being consistent. When you are not just known for being good but ALWAYS being good.

3. Concentrate on quality: Quality speaks louder than adverts. Endeavour to make the quality of what you do topnotch. One thing that is common among all kinds of customers is their desire for quality and when they find it, they go all the way to keep it.

4. Call for feedback: It’s not enough for you to just drop an opening for feedbacks, many customers wouldn’t give it. Deliberately call for individual feedback, make an intentional request for it. It makes customers see that you really want to serve them better. Feedbacks ensure that you don’t put your energy in what you think matters but doesn’t count for your customers.

Gaining clients trust is at the heart of building a lasting business.

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