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Thematic interior design inspirations are quite rare to come by. Particularly with the hustling and bustling that comes with the day. Here are different interior design themes that are most inspiring. These can help in deciding the best interior design theme for an event venue, for a home or a corporate building.

1. Mid Century Modern: This is a practical interior design theme; there is more to it than pure function. It oozes character with nostalgic elements gleamed from the 1950s and 60s. Its features are scaled back and simple, but with some fun retro styling mix.

2. The Nautical Theme: This is also known as cottage decor theme. It is said to be warm, positive and relaxing. Nautical theme is distinct by rustic furnishings, sailing motifs, blue colour palettes and boating ornaments aplenty, it is said to be everyone’s chill zone

3. The Bohemian Theme: This is sometimes called the carefree and adventure theme. It is said to be purposefully messy. The bohemian interior theme is dominated with creative use of vibrant colours like shades of red & purple in rich patterns.

4. The Farmhouse Theme: This is a blend of bunch of dried lavender twigs and other greeneries placed all around in vases or planters. It however has a modern at look to it. It also has a mix of distressed wood furniture and upholstered linen and the colours majorly revolve around white and beige base.

5. The Modern Cosmopolitan Theme: Contemporary Cheer as fondly called is a fusion of opposite yet complementary characters. It is inspired from glamorous chic patterns, minimalistic modern designs, ethnic valuables, and edgy styles amidst the 21st century setting of modern style. This is the interior design theme for those who love to follow fashion trends and change with the times.

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