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When you hear the word “event” a lot of ideas rush through your mind. The question mainly would be what kind of event is it. There are different categories of events. The list will interest you most assuredly. Here is a concise list of categories of event:

  1. Social or life cycle events: This includes events like birthday party, graduation day, engagement, wedding, baby shower, bridal’s shower, holy communion, curtail, sweet sixteen, Wake-keeping, housewarming party, memorial etc.
  2. Education and career events: This includes events like education fair, job fair, workshop, seminar, debate, competition etc.
  3. Religious Events: This include events like Christmas, easter, bar/bat Mitzvah etc.
  4. Entertainment events: Events like music concerts, fairs, festivals fashion shows, award functions, celebrity nights, stage shows etc. fall within this category.
  5. Political events: Events like political procession, demonstration rally, political functions etc. fall within this category.
  6. Corporate events: This include events like meeting, conferences, exhibitions, product launch road shows, buyer-seller meet etc.

Sport events are on different category. There are different kind of sport and the activities involved in them are different too. However, there are varied events that cannot be categorized.

For all kinds of event management and celebration, contact T & T Event Planning Company and be rest assured that we will give you the best.


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