Hosting a Surprise Party

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Throwing a surprise party can really be fun and exciting. Whether it’s a birthday, new job, or baby shower, special occasions warrant a special celebration, and surprise parties are one of the most thoughtful ways to honor a milestone. It’s more like throwing a top-secret party and it requires proper planning so that it turns out great. Here are some tips to get you started so you make sure the surprise stays a surprise!

1. Make it clear to your guests that this is a surprise party. Be sure to tell people on the invitation that the event is a surprise party. Invitation should be sent only to invited guests individually. You don’t want people forwarding the information to a random friend so it does not end up getting to the guest of honor.

2. Select the start time on your invitation and make it clear that this is the time that you want guests to arrive. If your party starts at 8, ensure the guests are there by 7. This will ensure people arrive before the stated time and are in a position to receive the guest of honor.

3. Get an accomplice. You will need the help of someone you trust to pull this off. So that the whole thing looks real and the surprise party goes without a hitch. This way the guest of honor is not going to know something’s up. You may use the accomplice to lure the guest of honor to the party location while you stay with the other guest, ready to receive them.

4. It’s very important that the guest of honor is dressed appropriately for the surprise party. You don’t want them feeling poorly dressed and uncomfortable for their own celebration. You can make other plans with the guest of honor that requires them to dress appropriately for the event.

5. Go over the plan with everyone, make sure everything is set and also make sure everyone understands their roles and when to drop the bomb.

6. Then surprise them. Enjoy and have fun. Ensure the spotlight is on the guest of honor and make sure they have a great celebration.

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