The Christmas spirit

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year and the celebration is more than just spending time together with family and friends. It’s a great time to show love to people around by sharing with others, spending time to do an activity with someone and focusing on the needs of people around us.

The Christmas celebration season is loaded with community events and packed with holiday activities. Few ways to share this Christmas spirit around is by volunteering at community events to help others, donating gifts, sharing food items, ornaments and clothes. You can also make time as a family or with friends to visit orphans, those who may be lonely, who live alone, those who have lost loved ones and may often feel an ache this time of year. Taking extra time to really think of others’ needs can make all the difference.

Going out of your way to include others in your holiday activities is what the Christmas spirit is all about. Serving and sharing is how we express the Christmas spirit by bringing excitement, happiness and joy to those around us and those who are in need. So as you plan for your Christmas celebration with family and friends, plan for others, it’s the sharing and giving that makes the season merry.

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