You Can Always Get it Right (The Time Tested Event Planning Recipe)

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Every event; formal or informal; party or any kind of celebration is unique. While the size, occasion, and audience may vary, however, well-planned and memorable events all have the same formula for success. At T and T Event Planning we have the “recipe”. What we do is simple and easy to adopt.

Firstly, we clarify the purpose of the event; we take our time to define clearly and concretely, the objective(s) of the event before we begin planning. While endeavoring to clearly define the objective(s) of the event, we ensure all stakeholders are in the loop. A clearly defined purpose helps in a perfect blend of the overall event strategy and serves as a guide for critical decision making in the planning process.

Secondly, we budget. We do this by Identifying every potential line item and give it a precise financial value. Name it: food, beverage, rentals, venue, entertainment, staff, marketing, transportation, and take-aways are all catered for in our budget. Trust me, we consider all variables. We are conscious of the fact that most vendors will negotiate and some may accept partial or full. It all depends on the invisible hand of demand and supply driving the economy. Budgeting is important because it helps dictate the scope and aesthetic of the event

Thirdly, we meticulously define desired or expected or target audience. Reaching out to the right people will go a long way in determining the success of the event. So in doing this, we revisit the pre-established event objectives, thereby considering the number of guests and specific invitees. However, the type of event will dictate the invitation method. However it is, we endeavor to identify VIPs and key stakeholders and get the event on their calendars well in

Fourthly, we establish a unified theme. This requires rigorous brainstorm with key collaborators in order to establish a ubiquitous, an all-pervasive theme across all aspects of the event. Namely: the invitations, decorations, menu items, beverages. This helps to tie the entire event together and maximize the impact of the central theme.

Fifth, We are very careful about food, beverage, and entertainment; because we understand that the most carefully planned event in the most gorgeous venue will flop if the food, drinks and entertainment (particularly music) are not commendable or if refreshments run out midway into the event.

Finally, we are keen on all behind-the-scenes work because this is essential to a successful event, and it’s often more involved than people really think. So, to avoid any hitch, as the day approaches, we distribute a detailed schedule to all stakeholders, staff and entertainment groups to ensure a rhythmic flow of all activities.

You can’t get it wrong when you take these to heart in planning your next event.
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